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  • Ninja Stealth
    Ninja Stealth

    In this Ninja Game, you will play as a skillful ninja. Your mission is to kill your enemies and find the missing treasure.

  • Flying Candy
    Flying Candy

    Your task in this fun game is to collect the flying candies by clicking on them. Try to collect as many candies as you can to score the highest points.

  • Key To Adventure
    Key To Adventure

    Joe's girlfriend had been kidnapped by the evil old man. Help Joe to find the key to rescue his girlfriend.

  • Urban Thrill
    Urban Thrill

    Do you feel boring in your daily work? Let's play this fun running game with different characters. You can visit different country to collect as many kites as possib...

  • ASDF Hero
    ASDF Hero

    You will play as Captain ASDF and your mission is to protect Metro City. Run and beat your obstacles and enemies!

  • King Pong
    King Pong

    Kong has kidnapped a girl and want to play with her. He will throw the girl to other Kong on another building and then he will throw her back. Throw the girl in the ...

  • Watermelon Bomb
    Watermelon Bomb

    Launch Watermelon. Mouse Up: Detonate Watermelon.

  • Amusix Flute
    Amusix Flute

    A musical game that will learn you to play flute. It comes complete with a dozen real songs to play and learn and the ability to create your own masterpiece a...

  • Flight Day
    Flight Day

    Did your drive Greyhound before? Now you have a chance to race your Greyhound in the sky. Try and keep up with the hare and fly through all of the rings.

  • Sky Serpents
    Sky Serpents

    You will play as a haughty youngster in this action game. Prove your ability to your grandfather that you are grow up and you got strength to kill the Sky Serpents.

  • Census Man
    Census Man

    You will play as Census Man in this action game. Your task is to collect all the citizens and drop them off at the nearest post box. Look out for the all important s...

  • Another Cave Runner
    Another Cave Runner

    Your task in this fun run and jump game is to guide the runner through the cave running as fast as you can trying to reach the end of the track while dodging ...

  • Cactus McCoy
    Cactus McCoy

    From human to cactus, then finally stone! The curse will continue, until it is home...You will play as McCoy and he is under a heavy curse. Can you help him to escap...

  • Arctic Boot Camp Blitz
    Arctic Boot Camp Blitz

    Help the penguins of Madagascar to navigate their snowy slalom, collect fish for extra health and avoid Hazards along the way.

  • Royal Wedding Riff-Raff Bash
    Royal Wedding Riff-Raff Bash

    A fun game to play in the Royal Wedding. Prince Phillip need your help to keep the OIKS and riff-raff out of the Williams and Kate's wedding. Use the cannon to shoot...

  • Mr Fat Snake
    Mr Fat Snake

    Play as a fat snake in the game to eat as many monster as you can. Avoid the blocks, it will kill you! Eat mushroom to turn everything into food.

  • Fancy Pants Adventures 3
    Fancy Pants Adventures 3

    The fancy stick man was enter a new adventure land! Play as the stick man in this new world, collect as much as as you can and kill the enemies.

  • Cuboy Quest 1
    Cuboy Quest 1

    A nice escape game make in pixel style. Play as a little Cowboy to solve the different level and find the exit door.

  • Fire and Frost
    Fire and Frost

    You are drop into a frozen land, find the way to escape from the frozen. At the same time, you can collect the crystals and diamond in the land. Melt some ice block ...

  • Douche Monkey Astronaut
    Douche Monkey Astronaut

    Play as the naughty monkey to fly in the sky and go into the orbit. Be the first monkey Astronaut to help the scientist to get back the loses data.

  • Burrito Bison
    Burrito Bison

    One day the beefcake Bison was dropped into a new adventure land full of candies. Now he needs your help to escape from the land. Help him smash his way through cand...

  • Tinie Tempah
    Tinie Tempah

    Are you Tinie Tempah's fans? Now you can play this game by Tinie Tempah. Test your reaction skill in the game, jump and kick your way through obstacles to reach the ...

  • Tanks Gone Wild
    Tanks Gone Wild

    A nice action-paced tank battlefield game play with random destructible maps. Fight off and destroy your enemies with your tank, you can upgrade your tank to make it...

  • Parachute SOS
    Parachute SOS

    The parachutists are fail to open their parachute, help them to keep from falling into the sea before the helicopter come to rescue them.

  • Survivosaur

    The meteor shot across the sky and to the planet. Help the dinosaur defend the planet.

  • Clobe The Portal Adventure
    Clobe The Portal Adventure

    Clobe is a little smiley yellow ball, play as Clobe to collect all the gems and placing them to the portal.

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