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  • Return to THK58
    Return to THK58

    There was a power surge in your sector you have to re-calibrate the power to unlock the door to the escape pods. Point and click Sarah through the spaceship. Find cl...

  • The Heist
    The Heist

    Go flat out on the public highway and escape punishment for crimes committed. Earn money by destroying police cars, but avoid getting heavy damage yourself. Hire ...

  • Escape 4
    Escape 4

    The final in the escape series, this time you must find 10 keys and escape the graveyard.

  • Escape 3
    Escape 3

    Can you escape the cellar? You will need to solve extremely tough puzzles and find the 10 keys.

  • Escape 2
    Escape 2

    Part 2 of the escape series, this one is much harder than the original.

  • Cave Escape
    Cave Escape

    You and some friends have been trapped in a cave, you must help out your friends and discover what lies beneath to escape.

  • Escape 1
    Escape 1

    Oxygen is running out, you must escape the room now.

  • POW Escape
    POW Escape

    Your army buddies have been taken prisoner during the Vietnam War. You must infiltrate the north, kill the enemy and rescue all the POWs.

  • The Package
    The Package

    A package bomb has been activated and you've no chance to escape, unless you solve the puzzles.

  • The Escape II
    The Escape II

    Blast your way through enemies with your pistol. Reload and get out.

  • Jungle Escape
    Jungle Escape

    Can you escape the jungle?

  • Nautilo

    Collect all the parts of your submarine and assemble them to escape out, avoiding the dangerous sea.

  • Cave Escape 2
    Cave Escape 2

    Do what the title says, escape from the cave!

  • Sonny

    Escape from the dog catchers.

  • Under Construction
    Under Construction

    Escape out of this construction zone.

  • Jail Escape
    Jail Escape

    Find your way out of the jail cell by using logic.

  • Soul Master
    Soul Master

    Guide Death through the dark Hell, capture the souls and deliver them to the tombstone to let them escape.

  • Space Escape
    Space Escape

    Guide your space ship cross the obstacle filled courses.

  • Hover Bot
    Hover Bot

    Help a newly created robot, who was ill treated in the factory, to escape without getting captured.

  • Spaceman Bob
    Spaceman Bob

    Help Bob, the spaceman captured by the aliens, to escape out of the alien base.

  • James Bomb 2
    James Bomb 2

    Help James Bomb to destroy all the monsters of the labyrinth and escape out in this version of Bomberman.

  • Run Jim Run
    Run Jim Run

    Help Jim Escape from a Mobster.

  • Joe The Rocket
    Joe The Rocket

    Help Joe, the rocket to escape from the renegade robots by maneuvering through a dangerous course!

  • Escape From Rhetundo Island
    Escape From Rhetundo Island

    Help Johnny Tag to escape from the island in this interactive game, from the creators of Hapland.

  • Rapunzel's Escape
    Rapunzel's Escape

    Help Rapunzel to kill all the monsters with a flick of her hair, and escape out of the witch's tower.

  • Scooby Doo: E3
    Scooby Doo: E3

    Help Shaggy & Scooby escape from the Mayan temple!

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