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  • Alien

    Help the aliens escape, but don't let them fall.

  • Assault Part 4
    Assault Part 4

    Jump in the submarine and take off escape from enemy hands before they destroy you.

  • Weapons of Destruction
    Weapons of Destruction

    Jump into your panzer tank and run down George Bush before he escapes or shoot at him with your cannon.

  • STD: Wave 1
    STD: Wave 1

    Kill all the escaped prisoners and sentence them to death with your pistol by shooting them down.

  • Escape from Fairy World
    Escape from Fairy World

    Move the bat around with the arrow keys, avoid smashing into the walls, the light faeries and the bottomless pit.

  • Tip and Run
    Tip and Run

    Push the energy containers into the door and escape before enemies capture you.

  • Aqua Energizer
    Aqua Energizer

    Push the red energy dots into the blue tube to energize it and escape from the level.

  • PlanetX

    Rescue the stranded escape pods that have been lost within the alien planet's strange caves.

  • Bloody Hell
    Bloody Hell

    Run through these hellish levels shooting your way through and escape.

  • Escaper Caper
    Escaper Caper

    Shoot all the bad guys before they escape. Watch out they might shoot you too!

  • Alpine Escape
    Alpine Escape

    Shoot down enemy planes while riding your motorcycle, and avoid getting bombed into submission!

  • WartHog Rampage
    WartHog Rampage

    Shoot down the crazed rabid wart hogs using a pistol, shotgun or rocket launcher before they escape.

  • Shoot Osama
    Shoot Osama

    Shoot Osama with your gun while he tries to run away. Don't let him escape.

  • Jetpack Escaper Caper
    Jetpack Escaper Caper

    Stop Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden from getting away in jet packs.

  • Ghost Motel 11
    Ghost Motel 11

    Tabitha's evil twin, Ahtibat, escaped from a mirror and you must find her before something bad happens.

  • The Cave of Death
    The Cave of Death

    Travel through this deadly cave finding clues and a way to escape alive.

  • Wheels of Salvation
    Wheels of Salvation

    Use the Wheels of Salvation to help Dr. Carter escape The Pit of Endless Torment.

  • Bob's Adventure
    Bob's Adventure

    Use thrusters and control the movement of your ufo and help Bob escape from this weird planet.

  • Escape from Elm Street
    Escape from Elm Street

    Walk around this scary dark house explore different rooms bathroom bedroom kitchen to find clues and a way out.

  • Viridian Room
    Viridian Room

    Viridian Room is a place from which you wish to escape, but have you the soul to withstand the challenge?

  • Crimson Room
    Crimson Room

    Can you escape the mysterious Crimson Room? An awesome flash game, hailed as possibly one of the best of all time.

  • Dedal

    This is a very good puzzle game where you try to escape the maze before your opponent does. The option of road will increase when you are up one level.

  • Outer Space Escape
    Outer Space Escape

    Navigate your shuttle safely through the danger of outer space in this great game, Outer Space Esca

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