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  • Alchemy

    Place the magical runes on the board and turn them into gold to advance to the next level.

  • White & Black
    White & Black

    Play a combination of games, such as puzzle quiz, space shooter, terrorist shooter, racing and more.

  • Buzzer

    Play a simple but extremely challening game where you must move the mouse in exactly the right spot.

  • Galactic Tennis
    Galactic Tennis

    Play interplanetary airhockey with spaceships!

  • Pirates Revenge
    Pirates Revenge

    Play slots with a pirate based theme and win the loot!

  • Guardian of the Explorer
    Guardian of the Explorer

    Protect the guy that has been captured from the balls by using your paddle to defend him.

  • Animotion

    Put down various goodies and sprites and make your own animation.

  • Alphabet Soup
    Alphabet Soup

    Quickly click the falling letters to form a word.

  • Cyber Mice Party
    Cyber Mice Party

    Rescue the cyber mice by showing them the way to the big cheese.

  • Cootie

    Roll the dice see if you match up to put parts on your weird looking bug.

  • Streets of Fire
    Streets of Fire

    Run around as a flame spark, light the buildings on fire and pick up more gasoline to refuel.

  • Squirrel Squash 2
    Squirrel Squash 2

    Run around as a squirrel, pick up acorns, avoid lightning and spiders and get those crowns.

  • Way of Exploding Stick
    Way of Exploding Stick

    Run around as a stick man through houses and levels killing other sticks using punches kicks and jumps.

  • Beeku's Big Adventure Ch1
    Beeku's Big Adventure C...

    Run around as Beeku, blast away bugs and critters with your machine gun.

  • Castle Cat
    Castle Cat

    Run around as castlcat jump up the platforms avoid heavy knights and defeat the dragon.

  • Clock Legends
    Clock Legends

    Run around as Strawberry clock power up your kamehameha energy and jump over dangers

  • Kuririn Runner
    Kuririn Runner

    Run around the levels jump on platforms avoid dangers and enemies.

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    Run around while fighting and collecting money.

  • Cable Capers 2
    Cable Capers 2

    Run around, jump over dangers and throw cables at the lizards to kill them.

  • Carmageddon

    Run over as many people as you can in 90 seconds, and earn points.

  • Russian Affairs
    Russian Affairs

    Run through the darkened corridors, shoot down enemy mafia, and question scientists as to where the weapons are.

  • Love Be Your Energy
    Love Be Your Energy

    Run through the levels collecting power ups.

  • Squeeby Killer
    Squeeby Killer

    Select a brutal and gruesome way in which the character is killed, shot, punched and beaten.

  • Interactive Boogy
    Interactive Boogy

    Select a song and break out the funky weird moves to each of the beats.

  • Weezer Jam Session
    Weezer Jam Session

    Select a song, Buddy Holly or Photograph and play the drums along to the beats of the songs.

  • Cursors of the Future
    Cursors of the Future

    Select different style of mouse cursor, either fire, boxes, DNA, space ship, vortex or multiple cursors in windows.

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