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Lightning Break is based on Snooker. Each level has an objective you must complete in the time allowed. Pot red and colour balls alternately to make a break. There is only 1 red so it will appear in the triangle again, once it has been potted. The colour balls will re - appear on their spots when they have benn potted. The dotted line around the balls shows which ball you need to pot next. For each pot you make, you score the value left on the countdown multiplied by the value of the ball. Red is worth 1 point, yellow 2 points, green 3 points, etc. The numbers on the balls tell you their value, red is worth 1 point. The game ends when you run out of time.

The game is controlled with your mouse. Move the cursor to where you want the white ball to go. Press and hold the left mouse button. Release the button when you have the desired power. The cue will then strike the white ball in the direction you've chosen.

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