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Japanese Mahjong

Japanese mahjong, yaku is a specific combination of tiles that increases the value of the player's hand. A player must have a minimum of one yaku in their hand in order to legally win. Each yaku has a specific han value: for each han a hand contains, the hand's point value increases exponentially.

How to play Mahjong

Riichi (1 fan)

When your hand is ready and fully concealed, you can call "Riichi".

Daburu-Riichi (2 fan)

First turn Riichi.

Ippatsu (1 fan)

Winning within one turn after declaring Riichi.

Tsumo (1 fan)

Fully concealed (Menzen) and self picked hand.

Haitei (1 fan)

Winning by final Tsumo or Ron.

Rin-Shan (1 fan)

Winning by picking after Kan.

Chan-Kan (1 fan)

Winning on other's added tile of Kan.

Yaku-Pai (1 fan)

Triplet of dragon or round wind or position wind.

Pin-Fu (1 fan)

All sequences.

Must be concealed (Menzen).

Must be waiting two tiles.

Pair must not be Yaku-Pai.

Tan-Yao (1 fan)

Only suit tiles from 2-8.

No terminals or wind or dragon.

Ii-Pei-Kou (1 fan)

Pair sequences.

Must be concealed (Menzen).

San-Shoku-Dou-Jun (2 fan exposed: 1 fan)

The same sequence in three suits.

Ittsuu (2 fan exposed: 1 fan)


San-An-Kou (2 fan)

Three concealed triplets.

San-Shoku-Dou-Kou (2 fan)

The same number triplets in three suits.

Toi-Toi (2 fan)

All triplets.

Pon or Kan may be contained.

Chi-Toi (2 fan)

Sseven pairs.

Chanta (2 fan exposed: 1 fan)

Terminals or honors in each set.

Hon-Rou-Tou (2 fan)

Terminals and honors.

San-Kan-Tsu (2 fan)

Three Kans

Hon-Itsu (3 fan exposed: 2 fan)

One suit and honors.

Jun-Chan (3 fan exposed: 2 fan)

Terminals in each set.

Ryan-Pei-Kou (3 fan)

Double Ii-Pei-Kou.

Shou-San-Gen (4 fan)

Two triplets and one pair of dragons.

Chin-Itsu (6 fan exposed: 5 fan)

One suit.

Dora (1 fan a tile)

The following number of opened tile becomes Dora.




Ura-Dora (1 fan a tile)

If you go Riichi, you can open a tile under Dora.

Ten-Hou (yakuman)

Dealer's winning of initial fourteen tiles.

Chi-Hou (yakuman)

Non-dealer's winning of first draw.

Ren-How (yakuman)

Non-dealer's winning before first draw.

Kokushi-Musou (yakuman)

All kinds of terminals and honors.

Suu-An-Kou (yakuman)

Four consealed triplets.

Dai-San-Gen (yakuman)

Three triplets of dragons.

Shou-Suu-Shii (yakuman)

Three triplets and one pair of winds.

Dai-Suu-Shii (yakuman)

Four triplets of winds.

Tsuu-ii-Sou (yakuman)

All honors.

Ryu-ii-Sou (yakuman)

All green(2,3,4,6,8 of bamboo and green dragon).

Chin-Rou-Tou (yakuman)

All terminals.

Chuu-Ren (yakuman)

1112345678999 and any tile.

Suu-Kan-Tsu (yakuman)

Four Kans

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