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Now Boarding 1

This is a time management game. You'll be taking charge and get the airport running smoothly. Your mission is to get all the passengers to their destinations. Each passenger's shirt shows where they want to go to. You have to load them on a plane and send them there.
You can play as career mode, free play mode and survival mode.
In the career mode, there are 5 episodes to play- Southeast America, Northeast America, West America, UK and Europe.
In the free play mode, you can select the difficulties to play. Normal has the same difficulty as the Career episodes and is played until you promote an employee to take your place.
The challenge of the game is more difficult for you can play as many years as you want, each year's harder. It also includes airplane, terminal, and tower upgrades. The last one is the survival mode. You can choose a city to be your hub, buy anything you like for your terminal. The game is nonstop - no breaks, regular intervals of destinations, planes, and employees. The goal is to hang on as long as you can, and deliver the largest number of passengers before too many passengers freak out.

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