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This is a very good game for you to practice in a resort how to make your guests happy while staying. Every guest will let you know where they want to go within the resort and your job is to send them down to their destination. You must pick up the guest and drop him down at the correct place by matching their icon with the resort's location icon. If their request is not served in time they will be angry and will just leave your resort. Your action will add points to Redcoat meter if you act right or deduct the points if another way round. You have got to keep the Redcoat meter from reaching zero through 5 progressively longer rounds to win in the game. There are 3 resorts at the beach side for you to select, each of them has a Splash Waterworld, a Skyline Pavilion, places to eat and relax, to take part in family activities or for live show. You can also try the other 2 resorts when you have finished with the first one. Enjoy and relax!

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