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Here is the collection of the best games of all time. We have started to search all the best flash games since year 2005 and started the site in one year time. Now there are new games published every day.

Flash Game is a game created by using Adobe Flash or formerly known as Macromedia Flash, and it is free to play and does not require any client software to be installed apart from a web browser. It is a cross-platform which can be played on various computer systems and devices. You can get the Adobe Flash Player, which is available free of charge from common web browsers.

At the beginning, Flash was only meant to create simple animation or funny video on the web page. Back by popular demand, Flash Games have become more and more popular due to the large installation user bases and programmability of Flash. Indie game developers like to create free games for online players. Flash Games have a wide range of gameplay style, they can be played on almost any computer. This has encouraged the Game Developers to create games using the Flash platform.

At first, Flash Games was not so famous on the webpage, there were only a few publishers found, most of the great games came from miniclip. We like to search through the website and find good games to share on our site. Today, Flash Games have become much more popular, people are having great fun and spending more time to play the game online. The success of social network have also encouraged people to share their experience of the game and raise the competition of the game score.

The remake version of the traditional arcade game has seen a rise in the last few years, you can find many examples like Pacman, Tetris, Street Fighter etc. A lot of Flash Games have started to use the old time game characters like Super Mario Bros, Sonic, and some super heroes like Spiderman, Superman as well as the character of the Marvel Hero. It is so amazing at the first time when we find this kind of character game online. Some board and card games also appear on the Flash Games where we can play at anytime.

The game developers have started to put in their creativity since they found that the technology on the Flash Player was giving more and more influence to the online games year after year. Some addictive and simple games have been created on the web such as Match 3 Game, Bubble Shooter Game to name but a few. This has eased the gamers to cut down their work just to play these Flash Games. Some Flash Games come with a good story play in the point and click adventure route, and this is quite challenging to the player's mindset.

There are also many board puzzle games for the player, and a lot of them come with the education symbols. Schools have started to make some simple games to teach their students, at the same time giving lots of fun to the students in their study where they find it easier to learn and master the subject. Kids like to play with their favorite characters in the game and have great fun playing the games.

Box2D is a very successful physics based engine which appears in the Flash Games, it has solved many limitation of the Flash Game and made almost everything possible in the game. This has brought Flash Game with good control in practice, level design and amazing visual effect. The famous iPhone game, Angry Birds, is one of the successful game based on the physics based engine.

There are many more great games coming along the way. It all depends on the creativity and the passion from the gamers.

Best Games of 2013
  • Papa Pear Saga
    Papa Pear Saga

    Papa Pear Saga is a dangerously addictive combination of Peggle and Candy Crush Saga. Your mission in the game is to make Papa Pear fall and bounce. C...

  • 9th Inning Baseball
    9th Inning Baseball

    A professional baseball game as well as college baseball game last nine innings. Make Points with your team and win the Match!

  • Free Kick King
    Free Kick King

    Select your favorite team and win in the free kick tournament. Control the kick by MOUSE. You can play as shooter or goalkeeper in the game.

  • Vex

    The stickman is getting annoyed in the World of maze, help him escape from the maze. Jump, slide, swim, drop and run your way around and find the exit...

  • Mario Mushroom Adventure
    Mario Mushroom Adventure

    Play as the Super Mario Bros as he goes on a new mushroom adventure in this amazing classic platformer game. Jump around to collect coins powerups for...

  • Super Mario Cross
    Super Mario Cross

    This is a fun bike game and you will have a chance to drive through all the stage with Super Mario Bros.

Best Games of 2012
  • Papa Pear Saga
    Papa Pear Saga

    Papa Pear Saga is a dangerously addictive combination of Peggle and Candy Crush Saga. Your mission in the game is to make Papa Pear fall and bounce. C...

  • 9th Inning Baseball
    9th Inning Baseball

    A professional baseball game as well as college baseball game last nine innings. Make Points with your team and win the Match!

  • Running Free
    Running Free

    In this running game, you can change the gravity of the map to help the stickman to grab all the stars and escape from the map. You need to get hurry ...

  • Mario Ice Skating
    Mario Ice Skating

    Play as Super Mario in this ice skating game. Glide away from the edges of the rink or obstacles in order to avoid getting hit. Take Mario go over the...

  • Free Kick King
    Free Kick King

    Select your favorite team and win in the free kick tournament. Control the kick by MOUSE. You can play as shooter or goalkeeper in the game.

  • Electric Man 2
    Electric Man 2

    It is the Tournament of Voltagen. The combat teams are competing amongst each other to become the most powerful source in the stick man universe. Play...

Best Games of 2011
  • Rollercoaster Creator 2
    Rollercoaster Creator 2

    Riding on a roller coaster is a big thrill for everyone. Now you can create your own roller coaster in this construction game. Collect all the diamond...

  • Bumper Boat Rush
    Bumper Boat Rush

    There are 3 hot girls to play with you in this swimming pool. Choose one from them as your rival, then play bumper boats with her in the pool.

  • Airport parking
    Airport parking

    Your need manage a ground traffic within the airport area. Guide visitors to their desired locations, it's rush hour and the traffic is coming thick a...

  • Paris The Game
    Paris The Game

    Get in touch with the world of Paris and enjoy her adventures. Collect the dollars which are lying right on your way to the top. But you have to stand...

  • Mafia Shootout
    Mafia Shootout

    The Mafia has ordered for the killing! Pick up your weapon to shoot your enemies down. Earn money when you kill the enemy and upgrade your weapon at t...

  • Call of Bieber
    Call of Bieber

    Play as the famous pop star Justin Bieber in this fun shooting game. Kill all the bad cups in the game, you can upgrade your weapon or enjoy extra stu...

Best Games of 2010
  • Escaping The Prison
    Escaping The Prison

    The stick man had been thrown into prison. You need to help him escape from the prison. There are a few different endings of the game. Have fun...

  • Zombieland

    Had you watched the movie Zombie Land? In the movie, the survivors of a zombie apocalypse are killing zombies in a variety of creative ways! No...

  • Miniclip Pro Football
    Miniclip Pro Football

    Are you good in football? Now you're on offense! Run and score touchdowns plus gain extra points with field goal kicking accuracy. Score as many Touch...

  • Billiard Blitz 1
    Billiard Blitz 1

    You can improve your pool skill by this pool game. Clear all the balls on the table within the time allowed to win the game.

  • Red Fluxion
    Red Fluxion

    Are you good is Space shooting skill? This is a very difficult top-down space shooter. Try and beat bosses that fire massive amounts of shots.

  • Calendar Girls
    Calendar Girls

    Play this Spot the differences with the hot calender girls in year 2009.

Best Games of 2009
  • Super Mario Bros
    Super Mario Bros

    This is a sweet flash version of Super Mario Bros. that may be the best ever. It includes several worlds and even a level editor.

  • Miniclip Commando 2
    Miniclip Commando 2

    Miniclip release the series 2 of free online version of Commando game. Commando 2 is in the Far East. In this awesome game you are the most lethal war...

  • Angelina Jolie Full Dress
    Angelina Jolie Full Dress

    Angelina Jolie Dress Up game. Makeover Angelina Jolie. Drag and drop pages with plenty of different outfits to choose from.

  • Bolt Game
    Bolt Game

    The Disney movie online game! Play as Bolt as you collect coins and fight villains on the way to save your friend.

  • LaserBox

    Have you always wanted to fire a laser? Now is your chance to see how it feels in this cool puzzle game! Your goal is to fire lasers at the boxes with...

  • Heat Rush 3D Racing
    Heat Rush 3D Racing

    An old school racing game where you rush between traffic to make the checkpoints. Get your best time over 10 different tracks. Find the best route to ...

Best Games of 2008
  • Dogfight 1
    Dogfight 1

    Pilot your Sopwith Camel against Germany's finest aerial shooter in this World War 1 fighting scene. You must get your enemy down with the most...

  • BoomBot 1
    BoomBot 1

    Your goal in Boombot is to use explosions to get your guy to the exit point in each level. There are boxes, TNT, exploding Gel, and burning oil barrel...

  • Japanese Mahjong
    Japanese Mahjong

    Japanese mahjong, yaku is a specific combination of tiles that increases the value of the player's hand. A player must have a minimum of one yaku in t...

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Help Anakin and the Jedi lead the Clone army of the Republic against General Grievous and the Droid Army of the Separatists.

  • Feudalism 1
    Feudalism 1

    Become the ruler of the region by taking control over the cities, one by one. You may need to lay low at first, but as your forces grow you are sure t...

  • Naughty Office
    Naughty Office

    Oh you naughty office dweller. Click on objects to make the hot CEO strip down and bear most of it.

Best Games of 2007
  • MiniClip Snooker
    MiniClip Snooker

    A nice pool games. Speed and accuracy are what you need to succeed. Have you got what it takes to win?

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog

    This is a Ultimate Flash Version for Sonic Game and you can play this for free. You task is to guide Sonic the hedgehog to defeat the evil.

  • McDonald's VideoGame
    McDonald's VideoGame

    McDonald's video game is a digital parody of McDonald's. It is intended solely for purposes of entertainment and education and in no way us meant to r...

  • School war
    School war

    Take over the rival territories and beat the heck out of the enemy students. Its a school war!

  • Gangster life
    Gangster life

    Be one of the bad guys and roam the streets in this GTA-inspired game.

  • Pacman

    Old style classic pac man collect the dots and avoid those deadly ghosts.

Best Games of 2006
  • Sexy celebrity photo hunt
    Sexy celebrity photo hunt

    Identify the areas that are different and see more hot and sexy celebrities.

  • 15 ways to whack your boss
    15 ways to whack your boss

    Choose 15 ways to whack your boss. A place to manage your anger without harming a soul. Whack your boss, here in cyberspace, so you don'...

  • Spiderman city raid
    Spiderman city raid

    Use the Spiderman's superhuman ability to pass all obstacles and earn points.

  • Bomb of brave boy
    Bomb of brave boy

    A Bomrberman online game where you can play as English version or Chinese version. The story happen in Bejing City, the monster was attach the city, y...

  • King of defender game
    King of defender game

    John Terry is an English professional footballer, he was voted best defender in the UEFA Champions League in both 2005 and 2008. Now it is your...

  • BMX mania
    BMX mania

    Show off your BMX tricks in this fantastic free online game

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